Outsourcing IT


Nowadays, every company and institution depends on the effectiveness of the IT department. Adaptation of IT systems work more efficiently, reduce the probability of errors and open new business prospects.


Our main objective is to achieve an alignment between the needs and possibilities of technology companies. We are familiar with standard business processes of a company and the typical obstacles in developing IT projects, providing the best solution that fits customers' needs. Moreover, the implementation of an information system involves a significant contribution not only from the provider and the customer. Our services are focused on towards minimizing client contribution.


Our company aims to provide the best solutions and services to customers who do not have an IT department or have a very requested one and want to outsource technical tasks.


IT Outsourcing has advantages generally accepted by companies, that are using this type of service, such as IT infrastructure development with minimal resources, implementation of the latest and advanced solutions, reducing costs and increasing IT security in company.


Our company services cover the entire range of IT processes within an organization, from the maintenance of workstations, servers installation to implementation of global security solutions and optimization processes. Our contracts include a service level agreement (SLA), which presents all the details of the service and response times to requests from customers. All requests can be tracked in our ticketing application that can track the effectiveness of our services.


Finally the biggest advantage is the fixed cost paid by the use of outsourcing IT. For each client we make a detailed analysis of the workstations status, functionality and company requirements. Base on the analysis we design the best package of services to meet the needs of your company. Due to our policy of proactive maintenance, that all our customers receive a mandatory monthly visits to the client, where we check all workstations / servers / equipment, ensure an optimal level of functionality.