BIT Explorer - an ERP system


An ERP system is a complex software solution that integrates business processes of an organization into a common platform, multi-modular, enterprise resource management. ERP applications for business processes. An ERP system enables decision makers achieve complex and complete analysis on business activity.


BIT Explorer is a business platform that integrates many components of business processes and management of small and medium companies. Is the solution that enables effective management and development of business processes, improve the quality and speed of decision-making and efficiency of your company. Because it has a user friendly graphical interface allows quick and easy learning with a low cost of time.


Increasing market competitiveness


Strategy to increase the competitiveness of any company is based on information about the business. BIT Explorer provides an accurate, complete and real time their own company, as part of the business. Information is a catalyst company competitiveness can not be achieved only through the use of powerful business tools such as BIT Explorer platform.


Business development


BIT Explorer enables a quick and flexible way to extend by creating new companies or increase the number of branches of existing companies and by adding new lines of business within companies or increase the number of employees through the use of SFA (Sales Force Automation ). Using SFA system allows a greatly improved customer satisfaction through faster delivery of products and better coverage at the local level, as an alternative for areas where opening a new work is not profitable.


BIT Explorer includes the following modules:


Stock management


-Documents commodity input from domestic suppliers and foreign suppliers
-Import customs declarations

-Incoming delivery from branch

-Outgoing delivery to branch

-Outgoing delivery to customer
-Categories of management (freight, spares, consumables)
-Domestic stock-transfer between branches

-Price-management policies (special offers, promotional campaigns)
-Quick Info - stocks and prices inventory
-Quick Search - Documents
-Management of assigned numbers range for documents
-Highlighting documents / reports at the agent
-The costs of the transport / packaging the purchase price of product
-Full set of reports (balance cargo sheet warehouse, stock on, Turnover Products centralizing documents, etc..)


Services management


-Input-Document services from domestic suppliers and foreign suppliers
-Output-Documents customer service
-Management service types by category
-Management -Assigned numbers range for documents
-Highlighting documents/reports at the agent
-Full set of reports (centralizing documents, etc..)


SFA – sales force automatization


-Taking orders from customers
-Taking orders from branches
-Processing of orders received
-Send in warehouse
-Picking list

-Automatic generation of invoice


Third party stocks


-Orders from clients on consignment / custody
-Delivery from consignment / custody
-Stock management for consignment / custody
-Generate invoices from third party stock
-Full set of reports (balance cargo sheet warehouse, stock on the turnover of products, centralizing documents, etc..)




-Managing Partners and contacts
-Delivery agents
-Record fleet
-Portfolio of clients
-Trails reviews




-Internal and external pay documents (RON currency)
-Documents collection
-Documents compensation - supplier / customer
-Payments in advance / undue amounts - supplier / customer
-Manage bank accounts
-Payments-calendar / scheduling
-Revaluation hips - Documents in foreign currencies at year end Balances pickup-section (suppliers / customers)
-Daily exchange rates from BNR
-Full set of reports (balance customer / supplier, on balance, balance on intervals; receipts / bank / customer / type, etc..)




-Assets list

-Evidence of assets through input documents
-Depreciation automatic
-List of fixed markers
-Assets revaluation, sale
-Scrapping assets

-Full set of reports (sheet assets, inventory lists, etc..)




-Automatic transfer of documents from other modules in accounting
-Document management-type accounting / accounting records
-Tree-in chart of accounts
-Automatic closing of revenue and expenditure
-VAT-automatic closing
-Log of purchases / sales
-Full set of reports (Balance analytical / synthetic account record, register house / bank; ledger)
-Generating declarations for the Ministry of Finance (390 394 etc..)


BIT Explorer :